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Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Gorgeous Cowhide Collection

The Wild Goose provides a beautiful selection of "rustic chic" items for your home's decor and authentic, hand-made cowhide designer bags in a variety of styles and sizes. Although the product line has steadily expanded, the company began with the introduction of beautiful hand-carved geese.

Sis began helping her father, "Wild Bill", make geese over fifteen years ago. She remembers sanding her first goose when she was in middle school and enjoyed working outside. All her dad's family were crafters and peddlers so naturally, she followed in their footsteps.

Mason and Sis met in Louisiana, married and moved to Tennesse. "Wild Bill" taught Mason how to make the geese and he and Sis started what is now known as "The Wild Goose". The two of them work side by side, putting a great deal of time and effort into each goose, desiring that they not only look just right but have their own distinct personalities. Equal time and effort is invested in the making of antler chandeliers, custom furniture pieces, designer bags and much more.

Wild Goose brings you a variety of fabulous cowhide bags and rugs.  The hides are picked carefully with rustic styles.  They are all simple but very stylish at the same time!

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